How to contact

The best way to contact me, Professor Gijsbert Stoet, psychologist, is via email.

Typically, I try to respond to all emails as soon as possible, but how quickly I reply depends on the volume of questions.

Before you contact me, please make sure you read the Frequently Asked Questions first.

You can contact me with questions, suggestions, feedback, invitations, etc. I enjoy getting emails and questions about PsyToolkit. There are no stupid questions (but please do not ask for hard-copies of questionnaires developed by others — all questionnaire information I have is on this web site).

There is also a popular user forum. This is where you can discuss PsyToolkit with other users. I check this every day and prefer it if you send questions about how to do things in PsyToolkit there first (unless the question is unique to your account).

For updates, follow PsyToolkit on Twitter:


Gijsbert Stoet (Professor in Psychology):

I regularly get requests for originals of questionnaires or papers I mention on the web page. You can find the originals via the links or references that I provide for each questionnaire; in other words, you can get the original via the internet or your library. I do not send them via email and I will not answer those email requests for original papers/questionnaires, because I get too many, sorry! The only papers I can send you are those authored by myself, for example about PsyToolkit.

Before you contact me, please read the Frequently Asked Questions first.