PsyToolkit aims:

  • to provide software for running psychological studies online and offline

  • to support the teaching of psychology, especially cognitive and differential psychology

  • to provide interactive lessons and tools for teaching psychology

  • to be regularly maintained and updated

  • to provide extensive documentation

  • for the best possible quality

Features of PsyToolkit in a nutshell:

  • PsyToolkit is free-of-cost computer software

    1. for creating computer based psychological experiments (to show stimuli on screen, measure response times, etc)

    2. for creating computer based questionnaire surveys

    3. for combining cognitive experiments and surveys within online studies and data collection

  • The online interface for online surveys and online experiments supports multiple languages.

  • PsyToolkit does not cost money (as long as used for research/study). But it important to note that PsyToolkit is the intellectual property of its creator Dr. Gijsbert Stoet.

  • PsyToolkit is not simply point-and-click software. In order to design the suprveys and experiments, you will need to type your code (many examples are provided). This requires a different way of thinking and learning, but in the end allows the user a lot of creativity. Especially setting up online surveys is still very easy.

  • PsyToolkit is developed by psychology professor Gijsbert Stoet.