Sometimes, people want that only people who have been invited can participate in a survey. This can be done. The steps are as follows:

  1. Create a list of random codes that people cannot just guess. The random code can consist of letters or numbers (or both), including non-latin characters (e.g., Asian characters)

  2. Give each participant you want to invite one of these codes

  3. In your survey, have the a check if one of these numbers are entered in a text line

Run the demo

Have a look at what you will get first. You can only go to the question about potatoes if you enter one of the four following codes (you can include UTF-8 non-Latin characters, such as Chinese characters).

Use one of these (copy one to try out the survey and see if it works). Also check what happens if you enter a non ID, that will lead you to the end of the survey straigtaway.

  • 234243343421

  • A234316-X-32

  • SomeRandomWord

  • 你好

Complete survey code

l: enter_id
t: textline
q: You can only do this survey with the special invitation code.
- Enter the code you have been given:

l: check_id
t: jump
- if $enter_id = 234243343421 then goto question1
- if $enter_id = A234316-X-32 then goto question1
- if $enter_id = SomeRandomWord then goto question1

l: not_welcome
t: info
o: end
q: Sorry, you do not seem to have an invitation.
You can now close the browser window or tab.

l: question1
t: radio
q: This is part of the invited survey. Do you like potatoes?
- Yes, I like potatoes a lot
- No, not at all