PollPool is a platform to recruit survey participants in an easy, quick, and cost-free way.


  • PollPool is a survey-sharing platform to help students and researchers find the required number of participants for their survey.

  • The platform uses its own currency called ‘PollCoins’ that users can trade in for participants.

  • PollCoins can be earned by participating in other surveys, recommending PollPool, or by purchasing them.

  • PollPool’s page is available in German and English - to change the language, click the flag on the top right corner. To Register, click the blue ‘sign up’ button on the landing page.

STEP 1: Register with Pollpool

In order to use Pollpool, you need to register via its website.

  • During registration, you are asked to provide some background information, including your age, gender, and nationality.

  • This information enables PollPool to match you with the surveys to participate in which required participant filters matches your background.

STEP 2: Create your survey

  • After successful registration, you access the dashboard. This is the page you are going to see first after every sign-in.

  • You now click ‘share your existing survey’ (dark blue button) to give the link to your PsyToolkit survey.

  • You need to add a short description of your survey

  • You need to give information about the participants you aim for (e.g., age) and the number of participants you want

  • After your survey is published, you will see the number of responses from your dashboard as well as the PollCoin value required for each participant.

  • On the right side, you can see the amount of PollCoins you have.

STEP 3: Earn Pollcoins

  • After clicking on Earn more PollCoins text under the PollCoin icon, or on the ‘PollCoins’ on the upper tab, options for earning PollCoins will appear.

  • You can earn PollCoins by participating in other surveys, promoting the website, or purchasing them.

  • To start earning PollCoins by participating in other surveys, you can click on ‘Survey List’ on the upper tab, or on the blue button ‘Go to Survey List’ under ‘Answer Surveys’ window

  • After you open the survey list, you will be presented with 5 surveys selected for you. Click on either of these surveys to participate in them.