About PsyToolkit

x1 PsyToolkit is a free-to-use toolkit for demonstrating, programming, and running cognitive-psychological experiments and surveys, including personality tests. PsyToolkit is frequently used for academic studies, for student projects, and for teaching cognitive and personality psychology.

  • PsyToolkit is a one-stop website. Get your questionnaire/experiment running quickly without hassle.

  • Design and run experiments or questionnaire surveys online (browser-based) or offline

  • Online data collection, storage, analysis, and download

  • No limits on numbers of questions or participants

  • Multi-lingual survey interface (including Spanish, French, German, 中文, and many more)

  • Extensive online documentation and YouTube channel with tutorial videos

  • It is suitable for teaching psychology, starting from secondary education

  • Ideal for student and professional research projects

  • Ideal for support in teaching cognitive or personality psychology

  • Rapid development possible by using questionnaires and experiments from the large library

  • Non-commercial and free to use

  • Made for and by academics

  • Reliably hosted by a professional data center

  • It uses free-software resources (click for acknowledgements)

  • There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section

  • Easy integration with SONA, Prolific, or MTurk if needed

  • Large set of features

  • Excellent timing comparable to E-prime (demonstrated by independent research group)

Why use PsyToolkit?

  • PsyToolkit is the only free website offering running programmable online psychological experiments and surveys.

  • Because many thousands of other students and academics around the world are using it.

  • Because it supports many different languages in the online surveys

  • PsyToolkit is well documented with many examples you can copy for your own project.

  • You can program your experiment, collect data, and analyze all with just this one website.

  • You can run complex psychological surveys, and use from more than 100 surveys in the survey library.

  • If you also use cognitive psychological experiments, you can simply copy them from the experiment library.

  • PsyToolkit is fast and reliable (server runs from professional data center).

  • PsyToolkit is reliably maintained by a UK professor in Psychology.

Web based / login

x4 Click here to enter (or register for) the free web-based environment for designing/running online experiments and questionnaires. This is great for working from home and doing online data collection around the world!

  • It runs in your browser, without any plugins and without additional software

  • You can program and run experiments online

  • You can share experiments with others

  • You can ask other people to participate online, and collect and save data online

  • You can run online questionnaire surveys, online experiments, or combine these two

  • It has support for online questionnaires in many languages, including 中文, Dutch, Spanish, German, and French.

  • Full online documentation, and free to use. Register your free account today!


x2 Click here to learn about common cognitive psychological concepts and experiments, and how to setup research projects in PsyToolkit

  • You can just read about a phenomenon, and see what it looks like

  • In some lessons you can learn about data analyses

  • Learn how to create your own stimuli

  • Learn the basics of creating your own online questionnaire

  • Learn the basics of creating your own reaction time experiment

  • Learn how to embed a reaction time experiment in an online questionnaire

  • Simple introduction to using the statistics software R

  • Complete start to finish guides on setting up projects (with video tutorials)

Online documentation

find Click here to go to the very extensive online documentation and find everything you need for writing your own PsyToolkit scripts.

  • Details on all commands in experiment and survey scripts.

  • Short introductions

  • Short overviews

  • Reference lookups

  • and more…​


qaa Click here to go to the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This contains answers to questions that are being asked over and over.

Library of Experiments

lib Click here to enter the collection of common experiments in the area of experimental cognitive psychology, such as the Simon and Stroop task.

  • Just browse through them

  • Run the experiments in your browser

  • See what happens

  • Get feedback about your response speed and errors

  • No login or any other software required

  • Ideal to learn quickly about all sorts of experiments cognitive psychologists use

  • You can use the experiments to start programming your own experiment

  • You can fully change and modify experiments from this library for your own projects

Library of Questionnaires

surveys Click here to enter the collection of scales that can be used in the survey presenter.

  • You can try the scales and see your own score

  • No passwords or hassle to start

  • If you like the scale, you can copy and paste the code into your own PsyToolkit project

  • Numerous scales of personality traits and more

  • You can use the scales from this library for your own projects, you can modify them too


contact Click here to get in touch with the PsyToolkit developer.

  • Ask questions — there are no stupid questions!

  • Give feedback

  • Make suggestions

  • Ask for permission in commercial use

  • Ask for permission for use in text books

Support and donate

donate Click here to learn how you can support PsyToolkit.

copyright Click here to learn more about the copyright and your rights and responsibilities when working with PsyToolkit.

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